UC National laboratories

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory conducts unclassified research across a large range of scientific disciplines with key efforts focused on basic studies of the universe, quantitative biology, nanoscience, new energy systems and environmental solutions, and the use of integrated computing as a tool for finding. Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory uses advanced science and technology to ensure that U.S. Nuclear weapons remain dependable. LLNL also has big research programs in supercomputing and predictive modeling, energy and environment, bioscience and biotechnology, basic science and applied technology, counter proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, and homeland security. it's also home to the most powerful supercomputers in the world. Los Alamos National Laboratory concentrates most of its work on making sure the dependability of U.S. Nuclear weapons. Other work at LANL involves research programs into preventing the spread of weapons of mass destruction and US national security, like protection of the US homeland from terrorist attack. The UC system's ties to the three laboratories have sometimes sparked controversy and protest, because all three laboratories have been intimately linked with the development of nuclear weapons. throughout the World War II Manhattan Project, Lawrence Berkeley Lab worked on the electromagnetic technique for separation of uranium isotopes used to develop the 1st atomic bombs. The Los Alamos and Lawrence Livermore labs have been involved in designing U.S. Nuclear weapons from their inception till the shift into stockpile stewardship after the end of the Cold War. Historically the two national laboratories in Berkeley and Livermore named after Ernest O. Lawrence, have had close relationships on research projects, also as sharing some business functionings and staff. In fact, LLNL wasn't officially severed administratively from LBNL till the early 1970s. They have much deeper ties to the university than the Los Alamos Lab, a fact seen in their respective original names, the University of California Berkeley Radiation Laboratory and the University of California Radiation Laboratory at Livermore.